1) When is Christmas Day? a) 23rd December b) 24th December c) 25th December d) 26th December 2) What is the 24th December called? a) Christmas Eve b) Saint Evening c) Christmas Night d) Boxing Day 3) What is the 26th December called? a) Christmas Afternoon b) Boxing Day c) Boxing Parade d) Christmas Boxing 4) How many reindeer pull Santa's sleigh (including Rudolph)? a) 6 b) 7 c) 8 d) 9 5) Who are Santa's helpers? a) dwarfs b) elfs c) elves d) dwarves 6) Where does Santa live? a) North Pole b) South Pole c) Russia d) America 7) In the song ‘12 Days of Christmas’ what did my true love bring to me on the 11th day? a) 11 lords-a-leaping b) 11 turtle doves c) 11 pipers piping d) 11 golden rings 8) What is the shape of the candy cane modelled after? a) Fish Hook b) Sheperd's crook c) Letter ‘J’ d) Cane that St. Nicholas used 9) Which star led the Wise Men to Jesus? a) Star of David b) North Star c) Angel Star d) Star of Bethlehem 10) Where does the abbreviation ‘X-Mas’ originate? a) Refusal to ‘Christ’ as a word b) Greek word for Christ is Xristos c) From Latin meaning ‘Holy Day d) People were lazy 11) Where was Jesus Christ born? a) Desert b) Hotel c) Hospital d) Stable 12) Complete the title of the following carol, “O, Come All Ye…….?” a) Faithful b) Beautiful c) Careful d) Awful 13) What brought Frosty the snowman to life? a) A scarf b) Fresh snow c) An old silk hat d) A kiss 14) What do we call the nice and festive paper around presents? a) Decor paper b) Paper wrap c) Nice paper d) Wrapping paper 15) Until the 1930s, what colour were Santa's clothes? a) red b) green c) gold d) purple 16) Which large company popularized Santa's red clothes in the 1930s? a) Apple b) Pepsi Cola c) Coca Cola d) McDonald's 17) What is the name given to traditional Christmas songs? a) Christmas Anthems b) Christmas Carols c) Chrsitmas Sonnets d) Christmas Poems 18) Which country began the tradition of Christmas trees? a) Germany b) Greenland c) Switzerland d) USA 19) What Christmas ballet is the most famous of all? a) Snow White b) Snow Queen c) A Christmas Carol d) The Nutcracker 20) How many ghosts are in "A Christmas Carol"? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4




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