1) What is Australia's nickname ? a) Down Below. b) Down Under. 2) What is the name of the largest monolith ? a) Ayers Rock (Uluru). b) The Great Barrier Reef. 3) When did James Cook discover Australia ? a)  In 1800. b) In 1770. c) In 1780. 4) Who were the first settlers ? a) Convicts. b) Sailors. 5) What is the capital of Australia ? a) Sydney. b) Melbourne. c) Canberra. 6) What do New Zealanders call themselves ? a) Kiwis. b) Aussies. 7) What is the most popular sport in New Zealand ? a) Rugby. b) Football. c) Basketball. 8) What is the capital of New Zealand ? a) Auckland. b)  Wellington. 9) What can you see in New Zealand ? (There are 2 correct answers.) a) Deserts. b) Geysers . c) Rainforests. d) Glaciers. 10) The tuatara is a kind of a lizard. What does it have that other animals don't ? a) A third eye. b) A third ear. 11) How many different species of whales and dolphins can you see in New Zealand ? a) Over 75. b) Over 35. 12) What is the name of this instrument ? a) The didgeridoo. b) The vuvuzela. 13) How long is the Great Barrier Reef ? a) Over 900 km. b) Over 2600 km. c) Over 1600 km. 14) The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from outer space. a) True. b) False. 15) Kiwis are birds. a) They can fly. b) They can't fly.

Australia and New Zealand Quiz




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