Canberra is... - the capital city of Australia., The largest city in Australia is ... - Sydney., The second largest city in Australia is... - Melbourne., Go to Sydney to see the famous... - Opera House. , Ayers Rock (Uluru) is the sacred place for... - the Aborigines., The Aborigines are... - the native population of Australia., The Maori are ... - the natives of New Zealand., The first settlers in Australia were... - convicts., The Great Barrier Reef is made of... - corals., New Zealanders call themselves... - Kiwis., Kiwis cannot... - fly., The capital city of New Zealand is... - Wellington., All Blacks is the name of... - the most famous rugby team in New Zealand., In Rotorua you can see... - geysers., Kaikoura is famous for... - whales and dolphins., The tuatara is a... - lizard with a third eye on top of its head. ,

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