1) I promise I ............. you fill in your college application form. a) will help b) am helping c) will have helped 2) Vicky hopes she .... become a surgeon one day. a) is going to b) will become 3) Look at the sky! It ....... rain. a) will b) is going to c) won't 4) This week Noah ........ for the marketing program at Harvard. a) will apply b) will have applied c) is applying 5) Now that he's had his shop for a month, Barry ..... more and more used to being his own boss. a) gets b) is getting c) will get 6) It .......... dark soon. Let's go home! a) will be b) is c) is going to be 7) If you copy my work again, I ....... the teacher! a) am telling b) will tell c) will be telling 8) This time on Monday, Jim .... from his new office in Boston. a) is working b) will have worked c) will be working 9) George is worried that he ..... his homework till Friday. a) won't have finished b) won't finish c) won't be finishing 10) She ... people for the personal assistant post this afternoon. a) will interview b) will have interviewed c) will be interviewing 11) ............ the shops at all? I need some water. a) Will you go b) Will you be going c) Will you have gone 12) Drop off the documents at my house around 7 o'clock. I ......... anything then. a) won't do b) won't be doing c) won't have done 13) Mike is worried about tomorrow's interview but I'm sure he .... really well. a) will be doing b) is going to do c) will do d) will have done 14) I'm glad we're going on holiday. We ..... our hotel by this time tomorrow. a) will be reaching b) will have reached c) will reach d) reach 15) Knowing a few languages helps with college applications. That's why I ......... a class in French this summer. a) take b) will have taken c) am going to take d) am taking 16) School ..... on 5th September. a) will have started b) starts c) is starting d) is going to start




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