I move people around. I drive a car. I charge a fare. I drive a taxi., I wear a uniform. I am often a woman. I work in a hospital. I help a doctor., I use markers or chalk. I work in a school. I have students. I give homework., I wear a uniform. I travel a lot. People call me captain. I fly planes., I work on weekdays. I often work weekends. I have a cash register. I have a shop., I work with scissors. I work in a salon. I wash, dry and brush. I cut hair., I wear a uniform. I walk or cycle a lot. I don’t like dogs. I deliver mail., I wear a uniform. I work in a surgery. I work in a hospital. I make sick people better., I like the ocean. I have nets. I work on a boat. I catch fish., I work in the sky. I’m often a woman. I serve food and drinks. I’m usually good-looking., I put things together. I often work in shifts. I work in a factory. I work on an assembly line., I wear a uniform. I often wear green. I have a gun or rifle. I defend my country., I’m a sports star. I make a lot of money. I play for big clubs. I wear football boots., I wear a uniform. I drive a vehicle. I pick up people. I drive a bus., I wear a uniform. I often have a gun. I conduct traffic. I catch thieves., I work outdoors. I work with cement. I wear a hard hat. I build houses., I don’t have a job. I stay at home. I am a woman. I take care of my family., I work in an office. I make phone calls. I send emails. I make appointments., I work at or near home. I drive a tractor. I grow vegetables. I have animals in the field., I wear a uniform. I work in shifts. People in trouble call me. I put out fires., I wear a white hat. I feed people. I work in a kitchen. I cook..




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