1) What is this? a) turkey b) pumpkin c) squash 2) Who is this? a) maiden b) pilgrim c) teacher 3) Who is this? a) Native American b) teacher c) florist 4) Would you eat this? a) macaroni b) fish c) stuffing 5) What is happening here? a) football game b) soccer match c) croquet 6) What is happening here? a) they are dancing b) class at school c) family dinner 7) What is happening here? a) cooking b) washing dishes c) shopping 8) What is happening now? a) driving b) grocery shopping c) playing 9) What is happening here? a) scavenger hunt b) football game c) holiday shopping 10) MMmmmm...looks yummy, what is it? a) cake b) pumpkin pie c) jello 11) I'm thirsty, what have you got there? a) holiday punch b) soda c) lemonade 12) Looks tart. What is it? a) vegetable stew b) cranberries c) ice cream 13) I'm so sleepy. I think I will ... a) take a nap b) go for a walk c) collect some leaves 14) It's beautiful outside! Why don't we... a) go on a hayride b) collect leaves c) go apple picking 15) It is a beautiful day for an outing. Why don't we... a) visit an orchard and pick apples b) go shopping c) hunt wild turkey 16) I'm getting bored. Get out the... a) washing b) bills c) board games 17) Grandma looks lonely. Why don't you... a) tell her a story b) take her on a walk c) show her the photo album 18) Papa looks like he wants company. Why don't you... a) take him to the store b) go for a walk c) go for a dip in the pool 19) Aunt Gladys is talking my ear off. Would you.... a) take her for a ride in Dad's car b) put on a holiday movie c) show her the photo album 20) I'm tired of watching football! Put on the .... a) holiday movie b) Christmas music c) slide show of our vacation

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