After many years of ____ work as a teacher, Marj decided to retire. She didn't want to be ____ unemployed, so she began to look into other options. After ____ data on what exactly a 60+ year old could do, and ____ the options, Marj made a____to open her own business. She ____ did a spreadsheet on the things she would need and the costs. She hired a professional to ____ a logo. She went to the bank and got an ____ for a loan. In short, she was ready to make her dream into ____! Or so she thought... Then the ____ started. In her nightmares, her ____ made her wake up breathless! Although she tried, she couldn't ____ with the worry. Marj retired at age 70. She found she was ____ of teaching happily many years more after the ____ of her "almost" own business.




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