Earth - a planet on which we live, obit  - the curved path of an object, moon - the natural satellite of the Earth, sun - the star around which the Earth orbits, island - a piece of land surrounded by water, volcano - a mountain with an opening where lava, hot gas and rocks erupt, craters - a bowl-shape cavity in the ground or surface of the moon or planet., oxygen - a colorless and odorless gas, astronaut - a person who is trained to travel in a space shuttle, Mae Jemison - first female African-American Astronaut, compass rose - a circle showing the directions on a map, continents - 7 mainland masses of land on Earth, North American - the continent where I live, Florida - the state where I live, map - a drawing of an area showing cities, streets, land areas, rivers, and lakes , globe - a model of the Earth, community - a group of people living in the same place,




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