advocate - to recommend; to speak in favor of, affiliate - an associate; a partner, aghast - terrified, alienate - to isolate or exclude, allude - to hint at, to refer to indirectly, amalgamate - to mix together, ambidextrous - able to use both hands equally well, animate - to give life to, anthropomorphic - attributing human characteristics to objects or animals, antiquated - very old, aplomb - self-confidence, bandy - discuss, banter, spar with words, belated - delayed, beleaguer - to surround or besiege, berserk - mad, crazy, insane, blight - disease, infestation, caricature - representation that exaggerates person's features, chauvinist - a person who believes in the superiority of their group, dally - to waste time; to loiter, delude - to mislead or fool, demented - mentally ill; insane, edifice - a large, elaborate structure or building, egalitarian - person who believes in the equality of all people, elated - happy, in high spirits, elude - to get away from, epigram - a witty saying, fallow - inactive; unproductive, fatalistic - gloomy, depressed, negative, felony - a major crime, gorge - to eat or swallow greedily, hone - to sharpen, knead - to work dough or clay into a uniform mixture, lackadaisical - bored, uninterested, licentious - morally unrestrained, numismatist - a coin collector, obtrude - to force oneself into a situation uninvited, opiate - narcotic; causing sleep or relief, ostentatious - showy, flamboyant, paucity - scarcity, not enough to last, pensive - thoughtful, reflective, introspective,




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