I ____ to play the guitar, but I do now. I ____ ride a bike, but I don’t any more. I ____ collect stamps, but I don’t any more. She ____ enjoy getting up early, but she does now. We ____ be worried about the environment, but we are now. He ____ be afraid of flying, but he isn't anymore. I ____ know how to use a computer, but I do now. People ____ ride horses 200 years ago, but now they drive cars. People ____ watch TV 200 years ago, but now they do. People ____ have mobile phones 100 years ago. Children ____ play outdoor games, but now they play computer games. Did people ____ watch Tv in the past? People didn't ____ use cellphones in the past and now they do it. They ____ climb trees but now they don't do it. Did people use to ____ shy in the past?

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