1) What is the 15 day of Shevat a) Holiday of the Trees b) Holiday of Israel c) Purim 2) What do we do when Adar begins? a) We start making our costumes b) We add in Joy c) We boo Haman 3) The day before Purim is a ? a) Fast Day b) Sad Day c) Day of Dancing 4) What do we do on a fast day? a) Pray More b) Give More Charity c) Both 5) Whos was the King of Persia a) Haman b) Mordechai c) Achashverosh 6) Who saved the Jews in the Purim story a) Esther b) Rachel c) Leah 7) How many Mitzvot of Purim are there? a) 5 b) 4 c) 3 8) How many time do we listen to Megillah a) Twice b) Three Times c) Once 9) How many poor people do we give charity to? a) 100 b) 2 c) 12 10) Who do we give Mishloach Manos to? a) A Poor Man b) A Friend c) Family 11) Which cities keep another day of Purim? a) Rich ones b) Jewish Ones c) Walled Cities

Jewish Holidays - Purim





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