1) The amount of money a person makes per year. This is usually from working a professional job. a) Need b) Social Security c) Budget d) Salary 2) A monthly expense that stays the same, it is the same amount every month. a) Social Security b) 401 k c) Fixed expense d) Net Income 3) A monthly expense that changes, it varies month by month. a) 401 k b) Variable expense c) Budget d) Net Income 4) The amount of money you receive after taxes and deductions. a) Net Income b) Debt c) Want d) Deductible  5) A plan on how to spend your money wisely a) Budget b) Want c) Credit Score d) Net Income 6) A federal program that Americans pay into with taxes and draw income from when they retire. Elderly retirees and disabled people who cannot work can collect Social Security funds. a) 401 k b) Salary c) Social Security d) Need 7) This is usually a benefit your employer will provide if you are working full time. a) Medical Insurance b) Social Security c) Car d) Free Drinks 8) Every time you use your debit card to purchase something, you will need to use this four digit number called a a) PAIN b) PIN c) Social Security Number d) Birthdate Year 9) This is adding money in your account. a) Deductible  b) Deposit c) Fee d) Purchase 10) This is taking money out of your account. a) Credit b) Deposit c) Cash d) Withdrawal




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