1) He was ____________ the piano. a) tune b) tuned c) tuneing d) tuning e) tunning f) tuniing 2) I was _____ the ball with a stick. a) poking b) poked c) pokiing d) pokeing e) poke f) pokking 3) Dad was _________________ the sausages. a) fry b) friing c) frying d) fried e) fryying f) fring 4) The bear was _________________ in the cave. a) dryed b) drid c) driyed d) drighed e) dried f) drihed 5) Miss Thorne was ______________ to work! a) hurried b) hurry c) hurring d) hurriing e) hurrying f) hurryying 6) My friends were ___________________ around. a) joke b) jokking c) jokeiing d) jokeing e) joked f) joking




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