Polymers are long chain molecules made from many individual units called monomers., A compound is made when 2 or more different elements are chemically bonded together., Displacement reactions occur when a more reactive element replaces a less reactive element in a compound., The reactivity series is a list of elements in order of how reactive they are., Oxidation reactions happen when an element reacts with oxygen in the air to make an oxide., Monomers are the single units that bond together to make long chain polymers., Ceramics are useful as they are heat resistant and waterproof., Horizontal rows on the periodic table are called periods., Vertical rows on the periodic table are called groups., Elements in the same group of the period table have similar properties., Ores are rocks that contain compounds with useful metal elements in., Metals are described as lustrous because they are shiny., Metals have the property of being sonorous as they make a loud noise when struck., Metals are excellent conductors of both heat and electricity., Metals are both ductile and malleable, this means they can be strecthed and beaten into shape., There are only 3 magnetic metals, they are Iron, Nickle and Cobalt., Non-metals are unable to conduct electricity and are often dull and brittle..

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