1) What is food distribution? a) Going out to eat in restaurants. b) Supplying food to the population. c) Growing food in your garden. 2) What do we mean when we say food is a natural resource? a) We find it in nature and we want/need it, so it's something we buy and sell. b) It's something that's man-made. c) It's something that grows on trees. 3) What is the first stage of the food supply chain? a) Warehouse storage. b) Processing centres. c) Farms and fisheries. 4) What is the second stage of the food supply chain? a) Transportation. b) Processing centres. c) Shops and supermarkets. 5) What is our local region? a) South East b) South West c) East of England 6) What county do we live in? a) Oxfordshire b) East Sussex c) West Sussex 7) Which one of these is NOT a benefit of buying local? a) Less pollution. b) More money for your local shops. c) Less wonky vegetables. d) Better for your health. 8) Our national supply chain travels through... a) The UK b) The world c) The South East region 9) Why can't we buy everything locally? a) It's better for your health if we don't. b) It's better for the environment if we don't. c) Limited land mass (not enough space).

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