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1) Which enzyme is produced in saliva? a) amylose b) amylase c) pepsin d) bile 2) What is secreted by the liver? a) bile b) amylase c) pepsin d) hydrochloric acid 3) What is stored in the gall bladder? a) insulin b) amylase c) bile d) hydrochloric acid 4) In which part of the gut is soluble food absorbed? a) stomach b) liver c) small intestine d) large intestine 5) Which enzyme creates amino acids from proteins? a) pepsin b) amylase c) bile d) lipase 6) Which of these structures increase the surface area of the small intestine? a) capillaries b) lacteals c) arteries d) villi 7) Which of these moves food along the gut? a) pericardium b) peristalsis c) periphery d) peri peri 8) Water is reabsorbed into the blood in the ? a) anus b) rectum c) appendix d) colon 9) The optimum conditions for enzymes in the stomach are .... a) alkaline pH3 b) alkaline pH10 c) acidic pH2 d) acidic pH 7 10) A gland that produces enzymes and hormones .... a) liver b) pancreas c) adrenal d) pituitary 11) The tube going from mouth to stomach..... a) trachea b) oesophagus c) bile duct d) gall duct 12) When fat is emulsified it .... a) breaks down into smaller globules of fat b) breaks down into fatty acids and bile c) breaks down into fatty acids and glycerol d) breaks down into glycerine and fatty acids




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