merry go round - It turns round. It normally has animals or cars on which children ride., rollercoaster - It's like a fast train that goes up and down very steep slopes, big wheel - It's very tall and big. People get into small cubicles or seats and it turns around., bungee trampoline - People have to wear a harness to get on it. They jump very high and swing., fun house - If you enter this place, you'll find frightening or funny objects and devices, bumper car - It's a small vehicle that hits other vehicles for fun., parade - People walk wearing costumes so that the audience can see them., theatre - This is where you see actors playing different roles., rafting - You go ___________ if you get on a rubber boat and get into the river., aquarium - You can see lots of fish and sea animals here., museum - This is where you can see paintings and sculptures., lighthouse - This sends a light that helps ships see where there is land.,




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