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I am in the All Saints Building, where would I go for something to eat? - The View, Whats the name of the lady on Reception? - Linda King, What is name of the canteen in the St Andrews Building - Footlights, Can you name one person who works in Welfare? - Faye Williams, Lisa Doughty and Gabby Hyde, Who is the CRQ Leader of STEP - Carole Gurney, In which building is the Student Services Office located - All Saints Building, Can you name two Study Centres - Black Pear Study Centre, Gill Callen Study Centre, Spires Study Centre, Severn Study Centre and Beacon Study Centre, How many SUB's are there in the college - 2, Can you name all of the Staff on STEP - Neil Gardiner, Mel Hey, Matt Beck and Becca Morris,

College Induction Starter Activity (Facilities)


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