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1) Which company was almost bankrupt before they came out with an MP3 player in 2001 a) IBM b) Apple c) Microsoft d) Samsung e) Dell 2) This gaming company trademarked the phrase "It's on like Donkey Kong" a) Playstation b) Xbox c) Nintendo 3) In which U.S. state is there still an active volcano a) New Mexico b) Utah c) Colorado 4) The hashtag # symbol is technically called a a) number b) octothorpe c) onomatopoeia 5) This household animal can be allergic to human a) dog b) cat c) pig d) fish 6) M&M stands for a) Mike & Michelle b) Multiple & Many c) Mars & Murrie 7) Four times more people speak this language as a second language rather than a native one a) Spanish b) Chinese c) English 8) This soft drink was the first in space a) Pepsi b) Mountain Dew c) Coca-Cola d) Orange Crush 9) The speed of a computer mouse is measured in a) Seconds b) Mickeys c) Decoderms 10) A $1 bill costs ______ to make a) $0.05 b) $0.01 c) $0.20 d) $0.10 11) This christmas song has the most streams in a day on Spotify a) Silent Night b) All I want for Christmas is You c) Jingle Bells d) Santa got run over by a reindeer 12) I Facebook was a country it would have this many people in it a) 1.36 million b) 2.62 billion c) 2.45 billion d) 75 million 13) The percent of left handers in the world is a) 5% b) 7% c) 11% d) 14% 14) The most commonly used letter in the alphabet is a) a b) e c) i d) o 15) A cat has ________ muscles in each ear a) 10 b) 13 c) 25 d) 32 16) This is the longest word that can be typed with just your left hand a) fewer b) drawer c) craw d) stewardesses 17) This animal can clean its ears with its tongue a) Lion b) Giraffe c) Armadillo d) Ant eater 18) If you added all of the time your eyes are closed while blinking it would be ____minutes a day a) 5 minutes b) 10 minutes c) 20 minutes d) 30 minutes 19) If you add up all of the numbers between 1 and 100 you get a) 4850 b) 5010 c) 5030 d) 5050 20) This part of you body is the fastest at healing a) skin b) stomach c) tongue d) foot

Friday Fun Random Trivia for Middle School




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