An octopus is an animal - which lives in the sea and has eight tentacles., The First Lady is a female person - whose husband is a president., A pop star is a person - whom many people like and idolize., A lawnmower is a device - which we use to cut the grass., A refrigerator is an electronic appliance in - which we keep food cool., A porter is a person - whose job is to help with the luggage., A waiter is a person - who brings meals to the tables in a restaurant., Garlic is a kind of food - of which vampires are afraid., Durian is a kind of fruit - whose strong smell can be sensed from a distance., Garage is a place where - people have their cars fixed., A changing room is a room - where people try on new clothes before buying them., A pen friend is someone - to whom we write letters., The Bible is a book from - which we can learn a lot about humankind., Savoury is a kind of taste - which we use to describe salty food., Sunbathe is what we do - when we go on a seaside holiday., Migrants are poor people - many of whom lost their home because of wars and natural catastrophies.,




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