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1) In the end of something : a) finally b) start c) watch d) cheat e) far f) high 2) To know that something is true : a) bleed b) believe c) plead d) please e) sleep f) sleeve 3) The past from catch is : a) catched b) hatched c) taught d) cough e) caught f) coat 4) It comes before today. a) now b) present c) will d) future e) yesterday f) tomorrow 5) It comes before tomorrow. a) date b) tray c) future d) today e) last f) next 6) Things will happen ....................... a) yesterday b) past c) memory d) tomorrow e) morning f) when 7) Any thing you like : a) what now b) What's up c) Whose d) Wherever e) whoever f) whatever





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