1) He ______ to school by car every day. a) go b) goes c) going 2) They always _______ the guitar after school. a) play b) plays c) playing 3) The children _______ around the playground. a) run b) runs c) running 4) My father usually _____ a car to the office. a) drive b) drives c) driving 5) Jane and James _______ doing the exercises. a) practice b) practices c) practicing 6) She often _______ in the swimming pool. a) swim b) swimming c) swims 7) I _______ fish twice a week. a) eat b) eats c) eating 8) A dog always ________ at me. a) bark b) barks c) barking 9) We _______ a dog for some food every evening. a) feed b) feeds c) feeding 10) A little girl _______ a special question. a) ask b) asks c) asking




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