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1) Who inspects a hospital....... a) CQC b) OFSTED c) GMC 2) HCPC stands for....... a) Health Care Professional Careers b) Health Council Professional Carer c) Health Care Professional Council 3) HCPC does not regulate a) Chiropodists b) Social Workers c) Occupational Therapists 4) The following is not an Ofsted rating a) Outstanding b) Good c) Requires improvement d) Insufficient e) Inadequate 5) The following is a rating from the CQC a) Poor b) Exceptional c) Requires improvement 6) The CQC look to answer specific questions when they inspect. Which one of these is not in the remit? a) If the service is safe b) If the service is effective c) If the service is caring d) Is the service responsive e) If the care manager is knowledgeable f) is the service well led 7) True or false. The CQC can close a care provider down a) True b) False 8) The GMC regulates a) Nurses b) Social Workers c) Doctors 9) CPD stands for a) Controlling Personality Disorder b) Continuing Professional Development c) Counteracting Professional Development 10) HCPC members have to re register every...... a) 2 years b) 3 years 11) True or false. How you act outside of work can effect your registration a) True b) False 12) The Royal College of Nursing does not act as a trade union? a) True b) False 13) The GMC, HCPC and NMC do not set standards in training a) True b) False 14) If you fall below the standards there are several consequences set out by NMC and HCPC. Which is not a consequence a) Caution b) Adjourned order c) striking off order d) conditions to practice e) Suspension

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