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1) It's been around for billions of years, but it’s no more than a month old a) The Moon b) The Earth c) The Sun 2) Everyone has one but you can never lose it a) Your hair b) Your shadow c) Your school bag 3) It's owned by you, but used more by others a) Your bike b) Your name c) Your pen 4) What goes up but never goes down a) A ball on the moon b) A pendulum clock c) Your age 5) It has a neck but no head a) A snake b) A swan c) A bottle 6) What has to break, before it can be used a) An egg b) A glass c) Your voice 7) What has a face and two hands, but no arms a) A soldier b) A clock c) A teletubby 8) What gets wetter as it dries a) A grass lawn b) A clothes line c) A towel 9) What has a thumb and fingers but isn't alive a) A foot b) A monkey's hand c) A glove 10) What does everybody like to give, but rarely take a) Advice b) Presents c) Money

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