1) What is the purpose of photosynthesis? a) To make food b) To turn green c) To make water d) To make CO2 2) What is the source of energy for the plant to perform photosynthesis? a) Oxygen b) Carbon Dioxide c) Sunlight d) Water 3) In which cell organelle does photosynthesis take place? a) Mitochondria b) Chloroplast c) Nucleus d) Vacuole 4) What is the name of the green pigment found in side of a chloroplast? a) Carbon dioxide b) Slime c) Chlorophyll d) Xylem 5) What type of change is photosynthesis? a) Chemical b) Physical c) No change 6) What are the reactants (ingredients) for photosynthesis? a) Carbon dioxide b) Glucose (sugar) c) Water d) Oxygen e) Sunlight 7) What are the products of photosynthesis? a) Carbon dioxide b) Glucose (sugar) c) Water d) Oxygen e) Sunlight 8) Which product of photosynthesis does the plant release into the air? a) Carbon dioxide b) Oxygen c) Glucose d) Water 9) In which molecule does a plant store chemical energy for food? a) Water b) Glucose c) Oxygen d) Carbon dioxide 10) What is the name of this cell organelle? a) Chlorophyll b) Chloroplast c) Mitochondria d) Nucleus 11) Which molecule absorbs sunlight to produce glucose and oxygen? a) Water b) Chlorophyll c) Glucose d) Oxygen 12) What is an everyday word used for glucose? a) Water b) Carbon dioxide c) Sugar d) Plants 13) According to the Law of Conservation, in photosynthesis, if the mass of the ingredients is 20 g, what will be the mass of the products? a) 10 g b) 25 g c) 20 g 14) If a plant lost some of it's roots so that it couldn't absorb water, what would be the effect on the rate of photosynthesis? a) Increase b) Stay the same c) Decrease 15) Which would lead to a higher rate of photosynthesis? a) More oxygen b) More Carbon Dioxide c) Less Sunlight d) Less water




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