1) She put _____ many eggs into the cake. The recipe said 3 and she used 5. 2) The house was ____ beautiful that they bought it. 3) She's playing ____ well that she's already won the first two sets. 4) It was _____ beautiful house that they bought it. 5) He has got _____ big feet that he can't find shoes to fit him. 6) It was ____ warm weather that I didn't need a coat. 7) He had ____ much work that he couldn't sleep at night. 8) My brother isn't old ________ to vote. 9) We were hungry _______ to eat two meals. 10) You didn't wait long _______________ for your friend. 11) The bridge is just wide ____ for two cars to pass each other. 12) The house isn't big _____ for us to live in. 13) My bag was ____ heavy that I had to ask for help. 14) My sister is ____ young to watch horror films. 15) This book isn't easy _____ for the children to read.




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