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1) Which reggae singing star died 11th May 1981? a) ZIGGY MARLEY b) NAIRA MARLEY c) BOB MARLEY d) WAHEED MARLEY 2) What is converted into alcohol during brewing? a) FAT b) SUGAR c) GLUCOSE d) STARCH 3) Which is the financial centre and main city of Switzerland? a) GENEVA b) BASEL c) BERN d) ZURICH 4) What is infant whale commonly called? a) CALF b) CUB c) PUPPY d) KITTEN 5) What is the alternative common name for a Black Leopard? a) PANTHER b) JAGUAR c) TIGER d) LION 6) In which city was Martin Luther King assassinated in 1968? a) WALTHAMSTOW, LONDON b) ROME, ITALY c) MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE d) ATLANTA, GEORGIA 7) What was the first country to win the World Cup twice? a) FRANCE b) BELGIUM c) ENGLAND d) ITALY 8) How many legs do butterflies have? a) 2 b) 6 c) 4 d) 8 9) How is the number 5 written in Roman numerals? a) IV b) III c) V d) VI 10) What colour would Coca Cola be if you were to remove the artificial colouring? a) GREEN b) BLUE c) ORANGE d) YELLOW

General Knowledge Quiz (Trivia!)

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