1) Truth: Who is you favorite artist/musician? 2) Truth: What is your favorite thing about remote learning? 3) Truth: What bad habit do you have? 4) Truth: What are you really proud of? 5) Truth: What one thing would you take with you on a desert island? 6) Truth: What is your least favorite school subject? 7) Truth: What are you afraid of? 8) Truth: What are your favorite pizza toppings? 9) Truth: What makes you cry? 10) Truth: What makes you laugh? 11) Truth: What did you have for breakfast? 12) Dare: Draw a house in the air (jamboard) with your eyes closed. 13) Dare: Say "You're awesome" to someone in class. 14) Dare: Count from 15 to 1 as quickly as you can. 15) Dare: Invent a new dance move, and show us! 16) Dare: Say 'Hello' in as many languages as you can. 17) Dare: Sing a short song 18) Dare: Play the air guitar really well!

Morning Meeting -- Truth or Dare





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