1) What do the hunters find that make them want to go hunting? a) Pig footprints b) Pig droppings c) A baby pig that leads them to the others 2) Who goes hunting for their first time? a) Piggy b) Simon c) Ralph 3) What happens to the boar the boys were hunting? a) It escapes b) They kill it while chanting "kill the pig, cuts its throat, spill his blood" c) The boar fights back and kills a littlun 4) As the boys reenact the boar chase, who plays the role of the boar? a) Roger b) Robert c) Simon 5) What does Jack suggest after they finish reenacting the boar hunt? a) He suggests that they don't have enough meat, and should go hunting again. b) He suggests that next game their should be a littlun playing the role of the boar. c) He suggests that they get some rest for the night. 6) Who thinks it would be a better idea to wait till morning to climb the mountain? a) Ralph b) Piggy c) Jack 7) Which 3 people go up the mountain? a) Roger, Robert, and Jack b) Ralph, Piggy, and Jack c) Ralph, Roger, and Jack 8) What does Jack claim he sees at the top of the mountain? a) Many pigs that he would like to hunt the next day b) The beast c) Wood great for creating a fire 9) How do the boys react to Jack's claim? a) The want to go hunt it b) The run down the mountain to hunt the others c) They don't believe him 10) What did Jack actually see on top of the mountain? a) The Beast b) A dead man and his parachute c) A birds shadow

Chp. 7 Lord of the Flies Quiz




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