Is your Christmas tree real or from a box?, Santa Claus shouldn't eat so many cookies. Agree or Disagree?, My favorite Christmas cookie is..., What I don't like about Christmas is..., My favorite movie/book about Christmas is..., The song/carol about Christmas that gets on my nerves is..., It's always very hard to find a present for my..., Christmas without snow is..., This Christmas time will be definitely different than the previous ones because..., What I love about Christmas is..., Have you been naughty or nice this year?, My favorite Christmas song is..., Are elves naughty or nice?, What gift can you give someone that is FREE?, Can you name all the reindeer?, Do you wake up early on Christmas morning or sleep in?, Candy canes...delicious or nah?, Hot chocolate should have marshmallows or whipped cream?, What's the best gift you ever received?, Does your tree have multi-colored lights or white lights?.




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