1) Why did William Bradford and the other passengers sign the Mayflower Compact before getting off the Mayflower? a) There were no pens on land. b) They weren't allowed to get off until they signed. c) Cape Cod was outside of the Virginia Company Charter. 2) Why did the Mayflower land in Plymouth on Cape Cod? a) They ran out of food. b) Winter was coming upon them. c) They had enough of the ship. d) none of the above 3) They Mayflower Compact is important because: a) It shows who was on the boat. b) Proved that they took the c) It is a step in the creation of representative government in the New American colonies 4) How did the Native Americans help the Pilgrims? a) Squanto and Samoset taught them how to grow food and hunt. b) Squanto and Samoset help make peace with Massasoit, Wampanoag leader c) They gave them shelter. 5) What group received a royal charter to settle North of Plymouth in Boston? a) Virginia Land Company b) The Duke of Earl c) Massachusetts Bay Company 6) Who was chosen as governor of Boston a) John Winthrop b) William Bradford c) Sir Walter Raleigh 7) What marked the end of Spanish control of the seas? a) When the English settled Jamestown. b) When Elizabeth knighted Sir Francis Drake. c) When the British defeated the Spanish Armada. d) none of the above 8) Who lead the first expedition to Roanoke Island? a) Sir Walter Raleigh b) William Bradford c) John Smith 9) Who was the second person to settle on Roanoke Island? a) Humphrey Gilbert b) John White c) John Rolfe 10) What happened to the Roanoke settlement? a) No one knows, it was deserted when the founder returned. b) It was thriving, nothing happened. c) The settlers were wiped out by a plague. 11) What was carved on a tree in Roanoke? a) Run for your lives. b) A map. c) Croatoan d) none of the above 12) What was the first joint-stock company received a charter to settle and establish trade in North America? a) Massachusetts Bay Company b) The Virginia Land Company c) Jamestown Royal Charter d) none of the above 13) Who was the reason that the settlers of Jamestown survived the first 2 years? a) Captain John Smith b) James Rolfe c) Chief Powhattan 14) True or false, Jamestown was not profitable so the King canceled its charter and it became the first proprietary colony? a) True b) False 15) True or false, The Winter of 1609-1610 in Jamestown was called "the starving time." a) True b) False 16) What was the purpose of the Virginia Land Company of London for settling in Jamestown? a) To look for gold b) Establish fish and fur trade c) Protect the king's land in America d) None of the above e) a and b 17) What crop helped save the settlers in Jamestown to make money? a) Corn b) Tobacco c) Indigo 18) True or False; The House of Burgess first met in 1619, the burgesses were representatives of the colony's towns and made local laws. a) True b) False 19) True or False; All the Pilgrims on the Mayflower were religious a) True b) False 20) True or False; In the 1630's when more than 15,00 Puritans fled to Massachusetts it was called the Great Migration. a) True b) False 21) Why did settlers move to the Connecticut River Valley? a) They didn't like living so close to the water. b) The shores were stony and not good for farming. c) They wanted an adventure d) None of the above

3.1 Early English Settlements/3.2 New England




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