Death Camp - a concentration camp built solely for murdering thousands of Jews., Aryan - Hitler's word for the superior race of people., The Holocaust - The murder of over 6 million Jews in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s., rabbi - A Jewish holy leader, synagogue - A Jewish place of worship, deportation - kicking a person out of his/her homeland to go to another location., ration - a small quantity of food (or any product) given out a little at a time., beadle - One who takes care of a Jewish temple., labor camp - A concentration camp where Jews and other prisoners work as slaves., genocide - The murder of an entire race of people., ghetto - A small neighborhood shut off from the rest of the town., kapo - A prisioner in a concentration camp who bossed or controlled the other prisoners., Selection - The Nazi technique of choosing the young and healthy to live and the sick and weak to die., holocaust - A huge destruction by fire., crematory - A place where gassed victims' bodies were burned into ashes., fascist - A political party that believes government should control peoples' lives and people should live to serve their country., Talmud - The Jewish holy book., Poland - Location of most of the Nazis' death camps., yellow star - The badge the Nazis ordered all Jews to wear on their clothes., S.S. - The Nazi special security force which carried out Hitler's worst orders., roll call - In a concentration camp each day the Jews would gather group by group together to be counted.,




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