1) Did all girl go to school? a) true b) false 2) Did upper class woman do English? a) yes b) no 3) What age did they learn sex education? a) 14 b) 21 c) They didn't  d) 16 4) What age were they when they had to work? a) 14 b) 20 c) 16 d) 12 5) What was the school's learning system? a) writing  b) english  c) History d) reading 6) Did they have contraceptive pill's? a) True b) Faulse 7) What did woman wear ? a) normal skirts b) dresses that reached the ground 8) Did woman have make up a) true b) false 9) what shoes did woman wear? a) Trainers b) Stockings  c) slippers 10) What was woman job a) Factories b) nurses 11) Did working class go to school a) domestic chores b) yes 12) what did working class do  a) Laundry from a young age b) go to school and do english




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