1) Joe ______ in London between 2009 and 2012. a) lived b) has lived c) have lived 2) Emeli Sande has just brought out a new album. _____ it yet? a) Have you heard b) Did you hear c) Did you heard 3) I ________ a film last night. Do you want to watch it? a) downloaded b) have downloaded c) has downloaded 4) Sorry, I'm late. ______ here long? a) Were you b) Did you be c) Have you been 5) _____ you ever visited the USA? a) Have b) Did c) Has 6) I _____ to the USA last summer. a) has gone b) went c) have been 7) I _____ this mobile phone for a year. The battery is still okay. a) had b) have had c) had had




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