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1) If there are 24 guests at a dinner and the dinner is £19.95 per head, how much will the total bill be? a) £478.80 b) £47.88 c) £480.00 d) £487.80 2) If dessert costs an extra £4.95, how much would that cost for 20 of the diners? a) £96 b) £99 c) £99.99 d) £100.95 3) An extra 20 percent tax needs to be paid on top of the bill total of £557.80 - how much will this be? a) £111.56 b) £11.56 c) £669.36 d) £446.24 4) Eight friends go bowling. It costs them £1.25 for shoe hire. How much do they need to pay? a) £10 b) £11.25 c) £12.50 d) £6 5) Five of the bowlers, decide to play again. This costs them £36.50 in total. How much would it have cost for eight bowlers? a) £36.50 b) £4.57 c) £94.90 d) £58.40 6) Four of them have to pay for parking on their way out the bowling club. If the parking cost £4.60, how much would it cost if split evenly? a) £1.25 b) £1.15 c) £1.10 d) £4.60 7) What is 0.35 x 0.5? a) 0.0875 b) 0.175 c) 1.75 d) 0.875 8) What is 0.6 x 0.65? a) 0.45 b) 0.39 c) 3.39 d) 1.39 9) Usain Bolt runs the 100m sprint in 9.58 seconds. If he ran 60m at the same speed, how long would it take him? a) 4.79 seconds b) 15.328 seconds c) 47.9 seconds d) 5.748 seconds 10) The minimum size for a football pitch is 91.44m by 45.7m. How big is it to the nearest metre squared? a) 4,179m2 b) 4,180m2 c) 4,178m2 d) 137.14m2

Decimal multiplication - you might need two players for this!


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