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phonetics - The study of the individual sounds of a language., lexeme - The term used for an individual word, grammar - The language level which deals with word class and word order, phonology - The study of the sound systems and connections of a language., discourse - The overall structure/inc genre/ of a whole unit of speech, pragmatics - The meaning of language which requires shared knowledge/context, and to read between the lines, lexis and semantics - The language level which deals with words and their meaning, abstract - A noun which refers to a concept, idea, emotion. It has no physical existence., prosody - The term for the way speed and emphasis can affect meaning, concrete - noun which you can see, feel, taste or smell, dynamic - A verb which shows action: run, stative - He appreciated the gift. Verb type., denotation - The meaning of a word which is literal., connotation - The meaning we associate with a word but which is not its definition., context - Along with the language levels, this is of key importance to understanding language. The situation of the language used.,

1st Yr A Level English Language (Wk 6)


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