plastic bag - a soft container made out of thin plastic, and open at the top, used to hold foods and other goods, bottle top - a circular piece of metal used to close a bottle , drinks can - a closed metal container, especially cylinder-shaped, in which some types of drink and food are sold, cardboard - material like very thick, paper, usually pale brown in colour, used especially for making boxes, foil tray - a very thin container made of sheet of metal, especially used to wrap food in to keep it fresh or used for grilling and barbecues, chewing gum - a sweet that you keep in your mouth and chew to get its flavour, but do not swallow, food packaging - the materials in which food is wrapped before being sold, sweet wrapper - a piece of paper, plastic, or other material that covers and protects something, paper tissue - soft paper that is used for cleaning, especially your nose, and is thrown away after use, or a small rectangular piece of this, plastic bottle - a container for liquids, with a narrow neck,




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