Occupational therapists (OTs) - Use various activities to assist the patient in learning activities of daily living. Direct treatment toward helping acquire independence.d, Occupational therapy assistant (OTAs) - Work under the guidance of the OTs, to help patients carry out programs of prescribed treatment., Pharmacists (PharmDs) - Dispense medications per written orders from physicians, dentists and other health care professionals., Pharmacy technicians - Work under the supervision of the PharmDs. Label medications, help prepare medications for dispensing to patients., Physical therapists (PTs) - Provide treatment to improve movement and prevent or limit permanent disability of patients with disabling joint, bone, muscle, and nerve injuries or diseases., Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) - Work under supervision of PT. Perform exercises and massages, administer applications of heat, cold and water. Assist patients to ambulate with canes, crutches, or braces., Recreational therapists (TRs) - Use recreational and leisure activities as forms of treatment to minimize patients' symptoms and improve physical, emotional, and mental well-being., Recreational therapy assistants - Work under supervision of TRs to arrange activities or events, Respiratory therapists (RTs) - Work under physicians' orders to treat patients with heart and lung diseases., Respiratory therapy technicians (RTTs) - Work under RT to administer oxygen and respiratory treatments., Speech-language therapists - Identify evaluate, and treat patients with speech and language disorders, Audiologists - Provide care to individuals with hearing impairments., Art, music, and dance therapists - Use the arts to help patients deal with social, physical, or emotional problems., Athletic Trainers (ATs) - Administer first aid and preventative tape, braces and padding for athletes., Dialysis technicians - Operate the kidney hemodialysis machines used to treat patients with limited or no kidney function., Perfusionists - Operate the heart-lung machines used in coronary bypass surgery.,




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