1) Alex is the man ________ I used to date in University. a) which b) who c) where 2) The Bald Eagles are the eagles ____________ live in America. a) who b) where c) which 3) This is the town ____________ I spend every summer . a) where b) who c) which 4) A flood is a natural disaster _______________ can cause severe destruction. a) which b) who c) where 5) Ana is the woman _________ was promoted last year for her hard work. a) where b) who c) which 6) Mr. Stephens is the man _________ business partner is in jail. a) whose b) where c) who 7) Mathew wants to go to Monaco, _________ his summer house is. a) that b) which c) where 8) You want to adopt the cat _______ you saw at the shelter last week. a) who b) where c) that 9) I want to speak about my father, a person _______ I admire a lot. a) what b) that c) whose 10) The blue whale is an animal __________ size has no comparison. a) that b) which c) whose 11) She told me about a time ________ she felt very excited about all her projects. a) that b) when c) which 12) That comedian is someone ______ is often making others laugh.  a) which b) where c) who 13) My home is the place ________ I like to relax at the end of the day.  a) where b) which c) whose 14) The other night, my friend told me something _________ was very interesting.  a) who b) what c) that 15) Sweden is a country _______ I would like to live. a) who b) that c) where 16) Mary, __________ husband works in the National Bank, is a good friend of mine. a) who b) which c) whose 17) Smoking, _______ is considered a bad habit, is prohibited in closed spaces. a) that b) who c) which 18) Carrefour, a supermarket _____ you can find most things, isn't open on Sundays. a) when b) where c) which 19) Robert, ______ clothing business was doing great, wanted to look for other opportunities. a) which b) what c) whose




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