1) What is the holy book of Judaism? a) Koran b) Torah c) Bible d) New Testament 2) What is the place of worship for people of the Jewish faith? a) Synagogue b) Church c) Mosque d) Mesopotamia 3) What is the name for God in Judaism? a) Allah b) Polytheism c) Yahweh d) Abraham 4) Who was considered the "founder" of Judaism? a) Moses b) Jesus c) Mohammed d) Abraham e) Paul 5) Who helped the early hebrews/jews out of Egypt? a) Abraham b) Moses c) Jesus d) Paul e) Mohammed 6) What is the oldest monotheistic religion? a) Judaism b) Christianity c) Islam 7) What is the place of worship for Christians a) Temple b) Synagogue c) Church d) Mosque e) Mecca 8) What is the holy book of Christianity a) Old Testament b) New Testament c) Torah d) Bible e) Koran 9) Which is a Christian holiday? a) Hanukkah b) High Holy Days c) Passover d) Easter e) Ramadan 10) Who is Christianity centered around? a) Paul of Tarsus b) Jesus of Nazareth c) Mohammed d) Abraham 11) Which is a Jewish Holiday? a) Passover b) Easter c) Christmas d) Ramadan 12) Who was an important missionary that helped spread Christianity? a) Abraham b) Moses c) Paul d) Mohammed 13) What is the place of worship for Muslims? a) Church b) Temple c) Synagogue d) Mosque 14) What is the holy book of Islam? a) Old Testament b) Synagogue c) Koran d) New Testament e) Torah 15) What is something all Muslims should do at least once in their life? a) Observe Passover b) Travel to Mecca c) Pray d) Read the Torah 16) Who is considered the founder of Islam? a) Jesus of Nazareth b) Paul of Tarsus c) Abraham d) Mohammed e) Yahweh 17) What is God called in Islam? a) Allah b) Yahweh c) Polytheism d) Monotheism 18) Which is an Islamic holiday? a) Passover b) Hannukah c) Easter d) Christmas e) Ramadan 19) Which religion was created furthest south (Arabian Peninsula)? a) Judaism b) Christianity c) Islam 20) Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all... a) Monotheistic b) Polytheistic




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