1) Forces create what? a) Motion b) Stillness c) Rest d) Nothing 2) Dean is playing with a magnet. Which of these items will the magnet be attracted to? a) Iron nail b) Rubber band c) Plastic spoon d) Cloth towel 3) Sam goes down the slide. What kind of force is this an example of? a) Wind b) Gravity c) Balance d) Push 4) What are the ends of a magnet called? a) Up and Down Pole b) East and West Pole c) Left and Right Pole d) North and South Pole 5) When you see anything move, what must be acting upon it? a) A ghost b) Nothing c) A Little Leprechaun d) A Force 6) Today was a hot summer day, and you are sweating. So you begin to wave your hand in front of your face. What kind of force are you creating? a) Wind b) Gravity c) Balance d) Heat 7) What do we call something that sticks to a magnet? a) Magic b) Gluey c) Magnetic d) Sticky 8) Which of these things move because of air or wind? a) Cheetah b) Cart c) Kite d) Car 9) What is a scientist called that studies the way things move? a) Physicist b) Geologist c) Biologist d) Meteorologist 10) Which of these things move because of gravity? a) Kite b) Wagon c) Door opening d) A ball falling





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