1) She__________(not work) yesterday a) did not work b) didn't worked c) did worked d) didn't works 2) They________(meet) 2 days ago a) meeted b) did meet c) met d) meted 3) She_____(buy) a dog 2 years ago a) boughted b) buyed c) did buy d) bought 4) _____she _______(see) her granny yesterday? a) Did she saw b) Did she seen c) Did she see d) Did she seed 5) We_______(be) at the party yesterday a) was b) were c) been d) beed 6) My mum________ pancakes yesterday a) cook b) cooked c) cooks d) did cook 7) We_________(not play) games last week. a) not play b) did play c) didn't played d) didn't play 8) She _________(decide) to go shopping. a) decided b) decideed c) decide d) did decided




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