1) Fill in the black: Thing 1 and Thing ______ a) 6 b) 2 c) 100 d) 36 2) What did the fish land in?  a) A tea pot b) A toilet c) A vase d) A fish bowl 3) What color is the Cat in the Hat's hat? a) green and blue b) black and pink c) red and white d) purple and yellow 4) The Cat in the Hat came to their house on a wet day a) True b) False 5) The Cat in the Hat visited their house when their mother was home a) True b) False 6) Thing One and Thing Two were in a red box a) True b) False 7) Thing one and Thing Two flew planes in the house a) True b) False 8) The Cat in the Hat picked up the mess a) True b) False




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