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1) A kind of verbal communication... a) signpost b) sign language c) smile d) shouting e) shrugging f) rude gesture 2) Inappropriate in an office... a) handshake b) giving the middle finger c) laughing d) smiling e) talking f) nodding 3) A kind of non-verbal communication... a) Phone call b) Skype call c) Personal appearance d) A meeting e) A presentation 4) Why use effective communication? a) To get your own way every time b) To be understood c) To be professional d) To show people they can't mess with you e) To make sure things get done 5) What if you don't communicate effectively? a) You could offend someone b) You could get into trouble c) You will be really popular d) You might not be understood e) People might think you're rude f) You will look professional 6) A positive quality... a) Married b) Employed c) Irritable d) Hardworking e) Moody f) Can speak 3 languages 7) A skill... a) Married b) Employed c) Irritable d) Hardworking e) Moody f) Can speak 3 languages 8) How might your professionalism be judged? a) Your appearance b) Your attitude c) Your marital status d) Your nationality e) Your tone of voice f) Your height 9) How could you show you're motivated? a) Don't try anything you haven't done before b) Don't do something if you haven't been told to c) Never question the boss d) Ask questions and learn as much as you can 10) Which one is negative? a) Cheerful b) Helpful c) Honest d) Immature e) Friendly f) Thorough

professionalism and work experiencen (unit 502)


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