What do you call it when snow comes sliding down a mountain?, What toy has many pieces that you put together to make a picture?, What does Santa drive that rhymes with hay?, What do you wear to protect your ears?, What do you use when you fight with snow?, What red and white striped candy is found in stockings?, Who is Mary's husband?, What do you call the leaves of pine and fir trees?, What comes next? 'O' Christmas _________' ? (a song), Where does Santa live?, What do you call the snow that has partly melted on the ground?, How do you spell ICICLE?, What delicious winter drink is made from eggs and milk?, What do you make when you lay in the snow and flap your arms?, What do you wear to keep your hands warm?, What toy is flat and has four wheels?, Who helps Santa make toys?, What decoration makes a noise? (ding-a-ling), What town was Jesus born in?, What kind of cookie looks like a person?, What toy has many pieces that you put together with glue?, What do you wear to protect your eyes when you ski?, What does Santa give naughty children?, What decoration has five pointy ends?, What do you call people who look after sheep?, What winter sport is done on ice?, How does Santa enter houses?, What do you wear to keep your feet warm and dry?, What toy looks like a small person?, What nuts do people roast on the fire?, What tool is used to cut Christmas trees?, How many wise kings came to see Jesus?, What orange vegetable is used to make a snowman's nose?, What Christmas colour rhymes with clean?, What white fluffy stuff falls from the sky?, Where does Santa put candy and chocolates?, What was the baby Jesus' bed?, What decoration has wings and a halo?, What does snow do in warm weather?, What hot, brown, milky drink do kids have in winter?, What does Santa eat on Christmas Eve?, What bright shiny things go on Christmas trees?, What are tree boughs?, What do you call the thick stem of a tree?, What comes next? 'Jingle ________'? (a song), What comes next? 'Silent ________'? (a song), What comes next? 'Frosty the ________'? (a song), What do you call a very light snowfall?, What do you call ice on the window?, What does water do when it gets very cold?, At what temperature does water freeze?, What do you call frozen water?, What do you call a snow storm?, What icy things hang from the roof?, When does Santa deliver presents?, What animal pulls Santa's sleigh?, What does Santa use to travel around the world?, What does jolly mean?, What colour is Santa's hat?, Where does Santa put the presents?, What do you wear on your foot that rhymes with gate?, What toy goes around the tracks?, What round toy has a string and goes up and down?, What's a fun book with many pictures that kids read?, What musical toy do you need two sticks to play?, What toy has a string and flies in the sky?, What toy do kids bounce, throw, and catch?, Where do you usually put the star?, What pretty things do you put on Christmas trees?, Where do you put presents?, What striped candy do people sometimes put on Christmas trees?, What large bird is often eaten at Christmas?, What building is sometimes made from gingerbread?, What king was afraid of the baby Jesus?, What did the wise men follow to the baby Jesus?, Who was the mother of Jesus?, What do you call gloves without fingers?, What do you put on over your sweater when you go outside?, What do you wear to keep your neck warm?, What do you call a person made from snow?.





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