1) Which way is the cinema? a) I don’t know. I don’t live here. b) They are in front of the supermarket. c) This is the way out. 2) What do you think Jack should do? a) Nothing, I guess. b) He didn’t think about it. c) In my opinion you should stop it. 3) A: I can’t find anything interesting here. B: A: Something to wear for the party. a) Would you like some more? b) Can you find me a good shop? c) What sort of thing are you looking for? 4) Do you think it’s a good idea? a) I think it’s better. b) I don’t know. c) I don’t agree. 5) What should I get him? a) How about a new DVD player? b) B Good idea! c) C Well, it’s his birthday next week. 6) Do you want something to eat or drink? a) No, I’m alright. b) No, I’m just hungry. c) Yes, I’m fine. 7) When is the last train to Gloucester? a) From platform 5. b) Single or return? c) It’s at nine. 8) Have you got any information about what’s happening in town tomorrow? a) Yes, we have. What sort of thing are you looking for? b) Yes, we have. What sort of information are you looking at? c) No, we haven’t. What information? 9) Shall we go to the theatre tonight? a) Would you like to watch a film? b) Why not? c) Are you going out this evening? 10) A: B: So do I. a) I think Josh’s right. b) I don’t agree. c) It’s not right. 11) A: Would you like to see Fatman’s Calf tonight? B: A:The concert starts at 7. See you then. a) No, I didn’t. b) Yeah. That sounds great! c) I’ve never heard of them. 12) I’m really sorry that I forgot to invite you to the party. a) Yes, that’s fine. Let me know about the time. b) I can’t make up my mind about the party. c) It doesn’t matter. I wasn’t in Olsztyn anyway. 13) Hello. What’s the matter? a) I’d like to stay out a bit later because it’s Friday. b) It shrank in the wash and I’d like a refund. c) You’ve applied for a job with us and we'd like to invite you for an interview 14) I can’t play table tennis. a) So can I.  b) No, I can’t.  c) Neither can I. 15) What do you think of these shoes? a) Well, they don’t match your dress.  b) I think it’s too short for you.  c) I didn’t like it at all. 16) A: B: No, not at all. It’s really hot in here. a) Why do you want to open a window?  b) Do you mind if I open the window?  c) Could I open a window for a moment? 17) Where did you stay last night? a) With my parents. b) I'm going to stay here. c) You’ll stay here tonight. 18) A: B: I’m writing a composition. a) Where do you work? b) What are you working on? c) Are you going to work here? 19) I’m reading the latest novel by Dan Brown. a) How was it? b) Did you like it? c) Is it interesting? 20) How long have you been married? a) Yes, I’m married. b) It was really long. c) For fifteen years. 21) s 11 a) a b) g c) b 22) A: B: Excellent! I got the job. a) How was your job interview? b) When do you have the job interview? c) Are you prepared for your job interview? 23) I don’t have any household duties. a) It’s because of you! b) Same to you! c) Lucky you! 24) A: B: Yes. Sounds great.   a) Why didn’t you come to my party? b) Why don’t we have a party on Saturday? c) Why do you want to have a party? 25) A: B: Yes, my sister. She’s on a vegetarian diet. a) Do you know anyone who’s on a diet? b) Could you tell me which diet is the best? c) When is the best time to start a diet? 26) A: B:Since I was ten. a) Where have you been living? b) Why have you been living here? c) How long have you been living here? 27) Do you have to share a room? a) Yes, with my sister. b) Yes, I have my own room. c) Yes, this is my sister’s room. 28) Do you live in the suburbs? a) No, in the city centre. b) Yes, they’re really friendly people. c) Well, I took a bus to the city centre. 29) Would you like anything to eat? a) No thanks, I’m not hungry. b) No, thanks. It’s not on the menu. c) No, thanks. I don’t like it. 30) Are you ready to order? a) Yes, please. I’d like steak. b) Yes, please. I’d like a menu. c) Yes, it was delicious. 31) A: How was your dinner? B:  Great, and yours? A: a) It was a bit salty. b) I had pasta and tomatoes. c) It was junk food. 32) What’s your dream job? a) I work really hard. b) I’d really like to be a firefighter. c) What a nightmare! 33) A: B: That would be cool! a) Would you like to work as a model? b) Do you like your work as a model? c) Why have you decided to become a model? 34) Will you have to stay at work after hours? a) Yes, I’ve finished for today. b) Yes, I’m afraid so. c) Yes, I have. 35) Do you like your new company car? a) Yes, it’s all right. b) That’s all right. c) He’s just terrible. 36) A: B: Oh, no! Is he depressed? a) Tim has got promoted. b) Tim has got sacked. c) Tim has got a pay rise. 37) Ouch, I’ve cut my finger! a) I should sharpen the knife. b) You should put a plaster on it. c) It’s in plaster, because it’s broken. 38) A: B: How about 7.30 then? a) Can I change the time of my appointment with Dr Pitt, please? b) When does Dr Pitt see his patients? c) What time did you want to see Dr Pitt? 39) It still hurts. What should I do now? a) It’s strange that it doesn’t hurt. b) I shouldn’t have gone to see that doctor. c) If I were you, I would go to see the doctor. 40) A: B: It’s not possible, he’s too weak. a) Does your son know how to get to the clinic? b) Could you check who the doctor on duty is? c) Can you bring your son over to the clinic? 41) A: B: She’s much better now, thank you. a) How’s your mother? b) Where’s your mother now? c) Who was with your mother? 42) A: I’ve got a new boyfriend. B: What’s he like? A:   a) He's handsome. b) He’s quiet but very nice. c) He’s male. 43) This is my friend, Jake. a) Pleased to meet you. b) Meet my friend. c) Could you spell that, please? 44) What do you think of Claire? a) I think she’s right. b) I think she’s rude. c) I think she’s American. 45) How’s your mum? a) She’s the one in the green dress. b) She’s 45 next week. c) She’s fine, thanks. 46) What’s your marital status? a) I’m middle-aged. b) I’m single. c) I’m female. 47) A: Do you want to come round? B: I can’t. I’m looking after my brother. A: a) Who is your brother? b) What about later this afternoon? c) Where’s your brother this afternoon? 48) Do you know anything about Guy Fawkes Night? a) Excuse me, how do you spend that night? b) I’d like to ask about Guy Fawkes Night. c) I’ve never heard of it. Is it a festival? 49) Can we see the menu, please? a) Yes, please. Can I have a salad? b) No, thank you. I’ll just have a cola. c) Yes, of course, sir. Here you are. 50) A: How do you like the cake? B: A: Really? Thank you. a) It tastes delicious. b) It’s in the fridge. c) I like chocolate cake. 51) I didn’t get that supermarket job. a) Of course! They offered you good money.  b) Well done! When are you going to start? c) That’s a pity. What are you going to do now? 52) How do I send an e-mail from your computer? a) First, type your text, then complete the address box and click ‘send’. b) Nothing will happen because it’s where I store information. c) Add the name to the contacts list and then you can start texting. 53) Did you read about that competition for young website designers? a) Did you come across a competition on a website? b) Let me know if you want to enter a competition. c) Yes, how about the two of us entering it together? 54) Do you mind if I close the window? It’s really cold in here. a) Of course, open it. b) Sure, it is really hot in here. c) Not at all, go ahead. 55) John and I are going camping in the summer. a) I don’t agree with you at all. b) I think you’re wrong. c) I don’t think it’s a good idea. 56) Why didn’t you answer my call last night? a) I would like to have a shower. b) I was having a shower. c) I had a shower in the evening 57) I think we should go hitchhiking around Europethis summer. a) You couldn’t be right. b) That’s right, I think. c) You’re right! Let’s do it. 58) Sorry, I’m late. a) No problem. b) You’re joking. c) No way. 59) She was a good waitress. a) Yes, but the service wasn’t very good. b) Yes, we should leave her a good tip. c) Yes, I like self-service restaurants. 60) Enjoy your meal. a) Yes, thank you, I did. b) Thank you. I’m sure I will. c) Yes, it was very fresh. 61) What seems to be the problem? a) I’m fine, thank you. b) There’s no problem at all. c) I have a really bad pain in my chest. 62) A: My foot really hurts. Look, it’s all swollen.B: A:Do you really think so? a) I’m sorry it hurts. b) I’d see a doctor if I were you. c) You will see a doctor immediately. 63) A: You’ve twisted your arm rather badly. B: A:You should rest for a while without moving it. a) What’s wrong with it? b) What should I do? c) What would you do? 64) How do you feel about getting presents? a) I don’t mind buying them. b) Yes, I love giving them. c) I’m really fond of it. 65) When do you think Sue will call us back? a) In two hours, I guess. b) For two hours. c) About two hours, I think. 66) May I use your mobile phone? a) I’d like your phone. b) Anytime you need it. c) You’ve got a phone 67) A: I’d like a nice big bunch of flowers. B: A: Tulips or sunflowers. a) How do you like it? b) What do you want in it? c) Do you need a big bunch? 68) A: When exactly does the match start? B: A: So, we don’t need to hurry! a) In two hours. b) For two hours. c) About two hours. 69) How often do you walk your dog? a) For one hour. b) Twice a day. c) I n an hour. 70) A: Do you know how to copy these papers? B: A: Thanks for your help. a) Yes, it makes good copies. b) Of course, I know you. c) Sure, I can do it for you if you like. 71) Do you think it will rain today?  Let’s stay at home, then. a) Perhaps. b) It’s fine. c) That’s all day. 72) Would you like me to help you? a) Yes, I will help you in a second. b) Yes, that’s very kind of you. c) Yes, I liked them a lot. 73) A: B: Once or twice a week. a) How often do you go there? b) How do you spend your time there? c) How much time do you spend there? 74) Do you mind if I sit here? a) Yes, here you are. b) Yes, of course I can. c) Not at all. Go ahead. 75) Could you wake me up tomorrow? a) How much time? b) Is it time now? c) At what time? 76) A: B: You’re welcome. a) You could help me. b) Thank you for helping me. c) I thanked him for his help. 77) A: B: Sure. Here you are. a) How do you make this cake? b) Do you want some cake? c) Could I have some more cake, please? 78) Would you like some juice? a) Yes, me too. I like juice. b) Yes, just a little please. c) Yes, the same to you. 79) I’m really sorry to be late. a) It’s alright. Sit down. b) Don’t do it. It’s dangerous. c) Sorry, I can’t help you 80) I think it’s a good idea to ask Jane for help. a) Just think who can help. b) I have no idea who can help. c) Yes, she always knows what to do. 81) Mum, can I go to the cinema with Tom, please? a) I don’t think so. You have to do your homework. You can go on Sunday. b) I don’t like cinemas. c) Well done! 82) I’m not feeling very well. I can’t breathe normally and I have a runny nose. a) You mustn’t behave like that! It’s forbidden! b) You should go to see a doctor. It may be flu. c) Don’t touch your nose! 83) A: B: Nothing much. I think I’ll stay at home and watch some movies. a) Why are you watching so many films? b) Have you got any plans for tonight? c) Is it necessary for you to stay home tonight? 84) Where are my glasses? a) I don’t like your glasses. b) Ask Tim, maybe he knows. c) You shouldn’t wear my glasses.




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