1) Who is he? a) Santa Claus b) Senta Claus c) santa Claus d) Sinta Cleus 2) What is it? a) alf b) present c) tree d) elf 3) What is the name of this animal? a) Peter b) Rudolf c) Felix d) Steve 4) What is this? a) peresent b) stocking c) lights d) gingerbread 5) What is it? a) chicken b) hen c) turkey d) pig 6) What colour is the present? a) yallow and blue b) yellow and blue c) yillov and blui d) Yellow and bleu 7) What colour is the stocking? a) pink, blue, orange b) vhite, gren, red c) red, white, green d) blue, white, red 8) How many presents can you see? a) eight b) six c) five d) seven 9) What is the weather like? a) sunny b) cloudy c) snowy d) rainy 10) What is this? a) winter tree b) elf tree c) red tree d) christmas tree




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