1) What do people put on the Christmas trees? a) decorations b) socks c) papers 2) What do you usually give to your family on Christmas Day? a) a plane ticket b) a chocolate bar c) presents 3) What do you send to your friends for Christmas? a) a wedding video b) a Valentine's card c) a Christmas card 4) What do people usually sing during Christmas? a) Christmas carols b) Beatles c) The year's number 1 hit 5) Who is Rudolf? a) Santa's cleaning man b) Santa's reindeer c) an elf 6) What is a typical present for a child? a) toys b) a tie c) some CD's 7) We always put the presents _________ the Xmas tree. a) in b) on c) under 8) When is boxing day? a) 26th December b) 25th December c) 24th December




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