promotion - an offer or an event designed to attract customers and raise awarness about a company's products or services, sale - an event in which a company offers sth for lower price, half-off - available for 50% of the usual price, BOGO - a promotion in which customers purchase one product and get another for free, rebate - a type of promotion in which a customer purchases a product, then later receives a refund for part of the price, discount - the difference between the regular price of a product and its price on sale, event - Time when sth important is happening, giveaway - an event in which a company offers sth for free, contest - an event in which many people attempt to win sth, balloon - An air- or gas-filled often used to attract attention to sth, flyer - It is a paper advertisement for sth, coupon - a document or code that qualifies a customer for a discount,




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