1) What did Francisco Pizarro do before he conquered the Inca? a) He fought in many wars. b) He was a pig farmer. c) He was a medicine man. d) Was a cattle rancher. 2) What were the names of the two brothers who faught in the civil war? a) Frank and Bob b) Amura and Viracocha  c) Atauhualpa and Huascar d) Ozcollo and Guacamaya 3) Where were the Incas located? a) North America b) Europe c) Asia d) South America e) Africa 4) What disease affected the Inca a) smallpox b) chickenpox c) measles d) cowpox e) Covid 19 5) How long was Atauhualpa imprisoned for? a) 2 years b) 3 months c) 59 years d) 1 year 6) How many days did it take to melt all the Incan Gold given to Fracisco Pizzaro? a) 38 b) 36 c) 27 d) 43 7) Who was the main Incan God? a) Veracocha  b) Mamaquilla  c) Inte d) Pachamama




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